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Round 5:
Barao's got the fight well in hand, so he doesn't look like he's going to take any chances. Faber knows he needs to come up with a home run, but he just isn't able to find an opening. Faber catches a Barao kick, but Barao spins out of the way. Barao has an answer for everything Faber tries to do. Barao connects on a nasty left hook with two minutes left. Final minute. Barao throws a spinning back kick. While Faber has been one of MMA's most thrilling fighters over the past several years, tonight was basically the night which showed he's no longer a title contender.

Renan Barao wins the interim championship by unanimous decision, 49-46, 50-45, 49-46.

Well, if Urijah did suffer a broken rib in the second round I can see how that affected his fight.
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