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Urijah Faber vs. Renan Barao

Round 1:
Barao feins at a high kick. Faber using a lot of motion. Faber rushes in and eats a Barao combo. Crowd chanting for Faber. Barao with a front kick. Both guys throwing kicks. Barao misses with a spinning back kick. Barao lands a high kick and a knee to the body. Every time Faber rushes in he eats a few punches. Barao clearly going to the Jose Aldo playbook with his kicks. Faber lands a late straight right, but Barao landed most of the significant strikes in the round.

Round 2:
Cat-and-mouse game continues in round two. Ref Mario Yamasaki calls time as Barao catches an accidental eye poke. They're back after a short break. Barao connects on a flying knee, followed by a clinch. Faber lands a right hand on the break. Barao makes solid contact with a low kick midway through. Faber having trouble getting untracked. Barao's low kicks are starting to do damage. Barao with a low kick and a solid combo.

Round 3:
Faber lands a jab early. Barao once uses a leg kick to set up a combo. Faber's left leg is starting to swell. Faber catches Barao with a right hand as Barao came toward him. Faber with a straight right. Barao with a right which knocks Faber backwards, he rushes after Faber but Faber gets to safety. A Faber uppercut lands, but Barao responds with a right. Barao lands his biggest leg kick of the fight. Faber doesn't seem to have a path to victory here.
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