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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
This was a planned act of violence against other humans. Your examples are not planned by someone (I am not going to include abortion because that all depends on how someone views the unborn child as a being). There are risks with having a surgery, using tobacco and alcohol, heck even driving your car and people are presented with these warnings. There should not be a risk of death by going to the movies or going to school (Columbine, Virginia Tech, etc.).
what does it matter if it was planned or not.... in 2009 there were 29 pedestrians under the age of 15 killed by drunk drivers, that's well over twice as many that got killed thursday night and these were all kids who were out walking! Are you telling me that it is easier to go tell there parents that, "hey a drunk driver killed your kid, but it was not a planned thing, so it's cool, it's not like they shot them or something."

if there should not be a death at school, then there certainly shouldn't be a death while out walking..... and if "presenting them with warnings" makes it okay to cause or allow death by alcohol or tobacco then just warn everybody that there is a chance of someone shooting them at school or a movie

you say premeditated violence is worse, but i dare say that benefitting monetarily from others death, i.e. alcohol, tobacco, abortion, is WAY worse
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