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Cheick Kongo vs. Shawn Jordan

Round 1:
Yves Lavigne is the referee for this heavyweight showdown. Jordan looks wary of Kongo's range early. Kongo comes at Jordan, but Jordan ends up bulling Kongo toward the cage. The pair grapple along the fence with neither making much headway. After 90 seconds of this, Kongo gets Jordan's back, but nothing comes of it. Lavigne calls timeout. Replays showed Jordan elbowed Kongo directly in the groin. Lavigne lets Jordan off with a warning. Kongo uses about three minutes of his time before the bout is re-started with about 2:20 left. Jordan whiffs on a high kick. Kongo closes the distance on Jordan and they're clinched with Jordan's back to the fence. Jordan reverses position, Kongo throws a kneed to the body at the horn.

Round 2:
Kongo comes out and lands a big knee, then we're right back to a Greco-Roman wrestling contest along the fence. Kongo lands a pair of knees. Another minute of grappling. Kongo opens up with a knee and a combo. The fighters exchange knees. Kongo switches levels and Jordan escapes. Kongo lands a big pair of right hands. Midway through the round. Kongo basically smothering Jordan while they're standing. Kongo gets Jordan's back but can't get in position for a choke and ends up on the bottom. Jordan is in Kongo's half-guard, but he's not able to do anything with it as Kongo keeps him tied up.

Round 3:
Kongo once again comes out with a knee, but Jordan ties him up. The crowd's getting restless as Kongo again pins Jordan to the fence, throwing the occasional knee. They break, Kongo throws a right, and they clinch again. Jordan looks like he's not ready for this level and if Kongo's gatekeeper status wasn't yet etched in stone, it is now. Jordan looks exhausted on the break, throwing a couple slow-motion punches, but instead of engaging, Kongo ties him up again. Two minutes left. Jordan keeps putting a hand on the mat to technically down himself and avoid the knee.

Chieck Kongo def. Shawn Jordan via unanimous decision (30-28, 30-27, 30-27).
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