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Court McGee vs. Nick Ring

Round 1:
Yves Lavigne is the referee. The two start early with Ring southpaw and McGee orthodox. The two trade leg kicks for a while, but McGee lands a nice left hook. He also stuffs a poor takedown attempt from Ring. And another. No one really landing anything particularly definitive, but Ring does connect with a right hook. Now a left straight. McGee attempts a knee tap, but is stuffed. Two hard inside leg kicks from McGee close the round.

Round 2:
Ring fires off and lands a diving jab as well as two good outside leg kicks. McGee attempts another knee tap, but it goes nowhere and the two trade leg kicks. McGee does land two nice short inside uppercuts. Head kick buzzes the tower of Ring. Left hook and right uppercut find the mark for McGee. Two straight lefts from Ring land hard on McGee. And now a third. McGee's nose appears to be broken, but he's still stalking. McGee gets in deep on a double, but can't finish it.

Round 3:
McGee connects on a right to the body, but he's doing all the stalking. Both men exchange inside leg kicks and Ring slips, but rises quickly to his feet. Hard uppercuts from the dirty boxing clinch by McGee. McGee applying a ton of pressure and now lands a spinning back fist. Ring is starting to take a fair amount of damage as Ring is having a hard time evading McGee's attack. Failed foot sweep by McGee and he eats a left. McGee is still attacking Ring everywhere he goes, eating shot after shot. Ring eats a right and attempts a takedown. McGee tries to apply a modified guillotine, but he gets reversed as Ring is on top.

All 3 judges score the fight 29-28 for Nick Ring, who wins by unanimous decision.
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