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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Oh it's absolutely spiritual warfare that is going on here.

There is this thing called "restraining grace" that GOD places over a society when His followers in that society stay faithful to Him. As Christians begin to stray further and further away from GOD (excusing abortion, legitimizing homosexuality, etc.) and the society begins to reject GOD more and more, GOD lifts that restraining grace and people's true nature begins to take over opening the door for attacks like this one.

And if that wasn't bad enough we still have Satan, who is the prince of this earth, running everything from our governments to our popular culture.

That's not a conspiracy theory, that is right out of the Bible. Which is why Christ tells us that we will be enemies of this world if we choose to follow Him.

I will add a couple thoughts.... some of which are totally off topic....

one is that the tribulation will occur when the church is taken out of the world, because the Holy Ghost(the restrainer) will be taken out of the world, leaving evil to run rampant.... i will digress further to note that satan does not know who the anti christ will be because satan does not know when Christ will return, and while he may have people ready to utilize as the anti christ, he doesn't know if he will need them or not... also, the anti christ will have to make a grand entrance, so already being famous or infamous will rule out anyone such as obama as the antichrist. hitler could have been a candidate, nero as well, and so on..., so I will agree with Nate and add my two cents worth saying that the Holy Spirit is not restraining evil as much because there are not as many temples filled with the Holy Spirit in the world

I also believe that the "creepy" coincdences are not coincedences at all, but are supernatural orchestrations

I question why there was a 3 month old baby, 4 month old baby, 6 year old girl, 12 year old boys, etc... at a pg 13 the middle of the night

I find it amazing to hear some of the eye witness testimony that clearly depicts how unashamedly and obliviously cowardly some of the men were in that theater. talking about how they couldn't carry their dates out and still get out themselves(and acting surprised when they hear their date ended up getting killed when they left her in there), i heard one guy say his baby's head was exposed and stuck in between the seats but he couldn't stand up to help cause he might get shot, but he was bawling cause he "knew" his baby was gonna get shot.....

i know the feeling you get when you watch a good comic book movie.... you get to thinking you could be a hero.... I hope those people in that theater don't ever make that mistake again.....

I find it ironic that they were watching a movie where hundreds of innocent people are dying in the movie, yet we pay that no mind anymore in our society, we are absolutely oblivious to the carnage in the movies..... i would love to know a conservative estimate of how many people are killed in the batman movies, and i would love to know if anyone actually cares about them when they are watching the movie..... which shows you how desensitized we are to it.... then when a dozen people get killed in real life we are surprised..... "it's all make believe"... until someone dresses up as joker and shoots up a theater, isn't that what he told the police... he was the joker, with the orange hair and everything....

it would be nice to portray the victims families in the movies, but of the thousands of innocent victims in the movies, you never see what you see on tv right now....

I totally think satan can lead his people like the Holy Spirit can lead me and mine.... Satan can't read minds and such, but I imagine he knows I pack heat, and I don't think he would have his guy come in on a theater with a pistol packing christian..... I doubt he wants that outcome, and I do believe he considers that and that is a big reason I don't think there are more civillians with handguns getting to shoot these imbeciles in the act....

people need to stop idolizing christian bale and start cultivating some real character

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