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Originally Posted by PRShrek View Post
but something is going on. These things have been happening on a regular basis since the early eighties, and they were unheard of before that. The mugshots of the ones who survive all have the same weird smirk. Creepy.
Oh it's absolutely spiritual warfare that is going on here.

There is this thing called "restraining grace" that GOD places over a society when His followers in that society stay faithful to Him. As Christians begin to stray further and further away from GOD (excusing abortion, legitimizing homosexuality, etc.) and the society begins to reject GOD more and more, GOD lifts that restraining grace and people's true nature begins to take over opening the door for attacks like this one.

And if that wasn't bad enough we still have Satan, who is the prince of this earth, running everything from our governments to our popular culture.

That's not a conspiracy theory, that is right out of the Bible. Which is why Christ tells us that we will be enemies of this world if we choose to follow Him.
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