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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
That would be clever if I actually spent six years posting here just to prank you.
That doesn’t make any sense.

Originally Posted by adamt View Post
sorry if i don't feel all that bad.... i'm not going to board the hype train that tells me how bad this is and then says we should "control" guns. I guess I shouldn't say i don't feel bad.... I just don't feel any worse than any other day considering the 1000's of babies that are killed, the dozens of people who are killed by alcohol, the dozens of people that are killed by tobacco, even the number of people that are killed by physician error every day.... why are we not lowering the flag to half staff for them? why do we not mourn them.....???? call me desensitized, but i'd be happy if there were only 12 people that innocently died every day due to alcohol or abortion, but since the government makes money off of it and alot of people utilize or enjoy it or whatever then that is a loss we are willing to endure and overlook, calling it choice....

guess that guy just chose to be a murderer, seemed like a normal dude up until he snapped,,,, guess he was just born that way and we should tolerate it. how else should i think, i am not allowed to consider morals or biblical standards, like absolute truths or something....
I have seen posts on other forums suggesting a possible link between these attacks and abortion, not direct but a weakening of respect for life or a degrading of the fabric of society. J.B. can call people trolls if he wants, but something is going on. These things have been happening on a regular basis since the early eighties, and they were unheard of before that. The mugshots of the ones who survive all have the same weird smirk. Creepy.
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