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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
But Why did he do it...I mean it seems really rather odd to massicre people at a cinema of all places
Actually, it's a perfect place for an ambush. Much like a school/classroom, you've got a captured audience of victims. Plus, it's dark inside the movie theater. He seemed to have thought this out quite well. From what some of the people are saying, at first, they thought it was something put on by the theater as part of the movie, but they quickly realized he was shooting people for real.

From what they've been reporting about this guy, he's very smart, he graduated with honors top of his class from the University of California-Riverside in neuroscience and was continuing graduate studies there in Aurora until a month ago. He told the police he had booby-trapped his apartment with chemical and incendiary devices. I think they're still trying to find a way to defuse everything. They said they might have to just blow the whole apartment building up because he's got all these wires leading to and from all these devices.
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