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Well Ten Years ago I was moving between my second and final year as an Undergraduate of The University of Bradford. I had moved out from Halls of Residence as you must for your second year, and had settled into a "student house" which was so basic we all paid 15 per week rent (there were six of us) and when you put the light on in the cellar you could see it through the Kitchen Floor.

It was part of a terrace in Bradford between the University and boardering on Manningham, the red light district, where the Great Bradfordian Riots had occured in 2001, behind Haqs, an asian suppermarket, called Talbot Street...number 15 I recall.

The year started with the rat that died in the wall and stunk the place so bad we had to excavate the cellar wall under the stairs to remove it...some idiots had laid down poisen. Then I was attacked by a group of bikers who tried to steal my bag...I could have made it to the door of my house, but coz I lived with two other women, I didnt want the gang to know where I lived, coz they might through bricks through the window or pour petrol through the letterbox and light it...sooo I took the beating instead...but they never got my bag! )

Then the student house collapsed with all the other people having irreconcilable spats...and I had to go back into Halls of Residence after Easter. During the summer months I began work on my best accademic Dissertation thesis "ACTS of Aggression: Professional Wrestling, Cinematic Horror and The Violence Seeking Impulse"

In the Autumn I began my final year in Halls as all final years do, and was attacked again...this time it was when I walked home from the cinema after watching 28 days later...and I got beaten up by two Asian Youths and they did steal my bag that time

This Year would be followed by my Annus Horibilis

since then I have graduated and been to saint pauls cathedral in london and back. Now I have my own house, my own job...and within the next year or so will have my own transport also.
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