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Also, I just noticed my last two posts in this thread from back in March and I have two quick things to say about those posts...

1. I am not sure why I said "Steve Nash is not LeBron James" in reference to the "trade me now" stuff. I think I meant to say "Carmelo Anthony". Either way, I feel like an idiot.

2. It's kinda sad, funny, and a little creepy, that I referenced the Nash jersey in that post and this thread was brought back up today. I've been rearranging my house this last week and yesterday I decided, since Nash is no longer a member of the Suns, it was time to take that old jersey down and frame it up. It won't be seeing any more Suns games, and it's served me well. So today I planned to stop a few places and look for a decent frame. However, the jersey is still hanging on the wall to my left, and I fear it senses something is askew. Is this what Travis felt before he took Old Yeller out behind the barn?
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