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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
I obviously am not thrilled about Nash going to the Lakers, but it is what it is. I hope he gets a ring, because he deserves it, but we gotta see how it all comes together on the court and how healthy Nash and Kobe can stay.

It's also a different beast when it comes to playing for the Lakers in terms of expectations and media scrutiny, and Steve definitely knew that going in. Arizona has some great sports fans, but a lot of us who live here are transients from all over the country (mostly the Chicago area, like myself), and they bring their loyalties with them to Arizona. In turn, the teams here need to work harder to get asses in the seats at every game, so when a player like Nash or Larry Fitzgerald comes along, they generally get treated like royalty by not only the fans, but the media as well. When he plays for the Lakers, the scrutiny will be much harder than it ever was here in Phoenix, because it's the Lakers. It's win or go home, EVEN if you are Kobe Bryant, and Kobe knows that too in the back of his mind. That franchise has done nothing but win, and they could suck for 5 years straight and every game would still be sold out. But they never truly "suck" (at least, not for long), because they are the Lakers and big time players will always want to play there (until the Earth covers it in water, then Arizona will have the nice ocean front property). I'm not saying I don't think Nash can handle it, because I think he can, but he's also in the twilight of his career and I'm sure there is a threshold for the amount of crap he's willing to put himself through both on and off the court.

Going back to Phoenix sports fans for a minute, we get a lot of crap from other cities in terms of how we are when it comes to sports, but that culture is changing over the last 12 years. The reason for that has been because of 3 things.

1. The Cardinals coming withing 2 minutes of winning a Super Bowl (also the Cards getting their own brand new stadium).

2. The Diamondbacks winning the World Series.

3. The run of success the Suns had during the Nash/Amar'e/ D'Antoni "7 seconds or less" era, and subsequent battles with the Spurs and Lakers (both champions) during that time.

Regardless of that, Nash will always be remembered for his brilliance during his time with the Suns unless the Lakers start training with Chael Sonnen and win more than one championship. Speaking of Chael Sonnen, I just finished reading his book and I think I'm gonna take a page out of it by referring to the Cardinals as the true Super Bowl 43 Champions.
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