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I finished Mockingjay (& therefore the whole Hunger Games series) on Thursday. I'll confess, I was simultaneously impressed & disappointed with it. The series as a whole took on some interesting issues, but I felt that it didn't investigate them as fully as it could. As an adult, I was able to see with she (the author) was trying to get at & could consider the merits of her points, but I feel as though the younger readers at whom this series is aimed would just be left feeling somewhat hollow afterwards. It had a "happy" ending on the surface, but had a fairly nihlistic outlook on life.

I moved on to the conclusion of a much more mature & thought-provoking series:

This is the sequel to Orson Scott Card's novel about a modern American civil war. Set 3 years after the events of the first book, this one starts with the rise of a brand new plague from Africa & addresses the issue of how such a crisis could/should/must/might be handled. Once again, Card raises a lot of question about just how much one should value liberty vs. safety, democracy vs. efficacy, etc. I really highly recommend both books to all y'all.

I finished that up Saturday night & have now moved back to a genre that was one of my earliest obsessions:

Darth Plagueis was Darth Sidious' (Emperor Palpatine's) master. This book chronicles from the point Plagueis kills his master & becomes supreme Sith Lord to when (as must evenutally happen with all Sith master/apprentice relationships) he is betrayed by his own apprentice, Darth Sidious, & killed. I'm a little more than a thrid of the way into the book & it's a really fascinating look into the Sith (Sithark Side of the Force::Jedi:Light Side of the Force) & their history/motivations/plans/etc. I'm really enjoying it.
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