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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Hey, I'm willing to give him his dues, just not into the HOF. I know when Randy was asked about Brock being in the HOF, he said he should be, but I wonder if he really thinks that. I mean, he might, but on the other hand, what is he supposed to say when publicly asked that?!

Do you think he should be in the HOF, JB? Now, think about it, don't be rash! Don't bring out any more ugly in me!
See what I mean. A bigger guy beating a smaller man just isn't that impressive. Moving up and fighter bigger guys was once mentioned everytime someone started huggin' on Penn. It is more impressive for the little guy. Not so much when the bigger guy wins.

That was my point, that it wouldn't be that beneficial to Jones.

The only reason anyone was impressed by Brock's win was because he was a 'rookie' in MMA.
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