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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Your ideas sound dangerously close to a meritocracy. Which is a form of social eugenics that basically says only those who contribute and are productive to society deserve to live.
If GOD has Truely Selected those who will live and those who will die, and they have NO choice but to heed the call...then...though we know not what his criteria may be...GOD is running a Meritocracy...those who he chooses are far more important then those who he discards...because he has chosen them for everlasting favour.

You may reply that as you can not distinguish the criteria and whose in and whose out, you can not assume you are better then others, incase it turns out they are chosen to.

You may also say that as all deserve to be discarded we should be grateful that he calls anyone.

Both are true...but both do not rule out the main point.

IF GOD has chosen, their is a heirachy, a criteria and a benchmark...those that make the grade and are called, and those who do not. be chosen is to be of worth.....and to be eternally damned is to be devoid of value.

Does your God really do that Nathan?
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