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Wow, I had no idea! Praise the Lord! I think! I still hope I don't run into any of those suckers when I get to heaven!

Originally Posted by NateR View Post

Here are some of the more notorious serial killers that we know of:

Ted Bundy: serial killer, rapist, kidnapper and necrophile who confessed to 30 homicides across 7 states, but is believed to have killed many more.

Ted Bundy accepted Jesus Christ and became a born-again Christian just before he was executed in 1989.

Ted Bundy is in Heaven with Jesus Christ right now.

Jeffery Dahmer: murdered 17 men and boys and those murders involved rape, dismemberment, necrophilia and cannibalism.

Jeffery Dahmer became a born-again Christian while in prison and was beaten to death by a fellow inmate in 1994.

Jeffery Dahmer is in Heaven with Jesus Christ right now.

David Berkowitz: the "Son of Sam" killer who killed 6 people and wounded several others over the course of 8 shootings in the 1970s. He claimed that he was commanded to kill those people by a demon that had possessed his neighbor's dog.

David Berkowitz became a born-again Christian in 1987 and is still currently serving his time in prison; but when he dies he will be in Heaven with Jesus Christ.

Every sin that those men committed has been wiped clean. That's the power of Jesus Christ. It also means that we aren't allowed to put ourselves above these people because of what they've done. If you refuse to associate with murderers and rapists, then Heaven will not be the place for you.
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