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Originally Posted by Crisco
That's agreed but a lot of Shoguns game was taken away from him with the rules in the UFC.

Shogun fought a lot of dudes and just soccor kicked them to death.

I think Shogun is going to be a A- fighter for quite awhile still. He needs to get readjusted to being a fighter.

Also not to continue a rumour but I truly believe that Shogun was a juicer in pride. I believe most if not all of the Brazilians in pride where on roids.

Not for any great performance boost but to help him deal with the issues in his knee's. He will need time to fix his training and to just get back in the groove.

Shogun needs some tune up fights against B guys to get him going again.
I disagree, all the times I can remember shogun throwing soccer kicks and stomps he was already winning by far.
I don't recall a shogun fight where the tables changed because of a soccer kick or head stomp.

I don't know how anybody can think he juiced,
he beat Randleman in the states, and knee barred him,
He also Koed overeem in the states.

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