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Its always fascinating to know who the Government are in bed with "Google"


"Can I remind the Prime Minister what he said before the Ellection, When he was asked Why he wanted to be Prime Minister. He paused, and with characteristic humility he said "Because I Think I'd be Good at it"

Now, last night they had an historic vote on reform in the house of Lords. Because this Government is a coillition, many Conservatives did not want to vote positive on the reform as it was the main point of the Liberal Democrats...and so they basically rebelled despite the Party Whips telling them what they should vote....The Prime Minister was anoyed by this and after the failed vote he confronted one of the ring leaders and their were...erm...raised voices.

I am VERY GLAD that this reform has been delayed and will have to be ammended before passed. I dont believe in a second house of ellected members...that defeats the point of having a House of Lords whose names are their due to services to the Monarchs at a time prior to proper Government. They should remain if you ask me...infact...I would the vast majority of changes the government have already made forcing life time peers to leave office...its cruel.

"What can be weaker then have 91 people vote AGAINST you in the house of commons" (when they are your own party members!)
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