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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
I understand but do you think... for example

If Overeem becomes Champion then the only people that should fight him are those that weigh 260+lbs? Cause it wouldn't be fair for him to fight Junior who is only 238lbs thats a 22lb diference!! Which is the difference between middleweight an Light-heavyweight....
I don't want to argue that one because I can't win

Anderson is 6' 2"
Jones is 6' 4"
reach 77.6"
reach 84.5"

He fought Hendo who is

5' 11"
reach 71"

which equals to a 6.6" difference in reach and a 3" height advantage.

Hendo is fighting Jones next who has an almost 5" height advantage and a 13.5" reach advantage!!
Hendo on the night of the fight will still be around 205 pounds, Jones will be at least 225.

That's why I say it is really up to the lighter weight fighter to want to challenge himself at a higher weight class. Anderson has beaten 2 fighters at 205, but let's be honest neither are in the same league as Jones. I think Anderson is fine with being the king at 185, so if someone wants to fight him they either come up to 185 or down (rumor is Rashad is thinking about it, but not like that is a 'super fight').
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