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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
I agree, but one is at a disadvantage because of the weight. Do I think Anderson has the skills to beat Jones? Yes. But based on the difference in size I expect Jones to win. Same with Silva/GSP. I think GSP has the skills and could possibly beat Anderson, but I would expect Anderson to win the fight.

So in some ways, Jones has more to lose as he is expected to win. I would be willing to bet that if this fight happens Jones is the favorite.
I understand but do you think... for example

If Overeem becomes Champion then the only people that should fight him are those that weigh 260+lbs? Cause it wouldn't be fair for him to fight Junior who is only 238lbs thats a 22lb diference!! Which is the difference between middleweight an Light-heavyweight....

Anderson is 6' 2"
Jones is 6' 4"
reach 77.6"
reach 84.5"

He fought Hendo who is

5' 11"
reach 71"

which equals to a 6.6" difference in reach and a 3" height advantage.

Hendo is fighting Jones next who has an almost 5" height advantage and a 13.5" reach advantage!!
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