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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
Yeah, then he can say that he beat an old man close to the end of his career that was smaller than him.

I think the after effects of him losing would far outweigh any rewards he would reap with a win. I think it would be a terrible risk for Jones.
Wait a minute, what about Brock fighting Randy, he beat a smaller older man who was at the end of his career. And Randy was several years older at the time he fought Brock than Silva is now. I do acknowledge the differences with that fight and a fight between Silva/Jones--weight classes and the fact that Silva and Jones are both current champions. But, honestly, if you hadn't known better, wouldn't you have thought Randy and Brock were from two different weight classes.

It would be a risk for both of them, even at a catch weight because one of them will still be able to say I beat -----, it would still be considered a "notch" for the winner's reputation. The risk might be more for Jones because of where he's at in his career, but likewise, the reward would be greater for him because this is Anderson Silva.
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