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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
Thats Crazy!! Anderson is not "just a guy" on the Middleweight division... Jones has everything to gain! If he beats Anderson he beats the best fighter in MMA History, Theres a bigger difference between Georges and Anderson then Anderson and Jones besides Anderson has already fought at Light Heavyweight before and GSP hasn't fought at Middleweight before.

I agree that Gsp has the tools to beat Silva but I also know Anderson and Jones have the tools to beat each other.

Anderson has spent his career fighting smaller men why cant he fight someone bigger than himself?
I know what you are saying, but Anderson's legacy is not at 205. To me, Anderson would have to want this fight as he would be the one making the sacrifice. As for who has more to gain....I don't know. Jones could say he beat Silva, but I take some away as it was not at 185. If Silva wins, he beats the current champ who is a good fighter but is still not at the same level as him.

That's why I like the GSP/Silva fight more. Silva has less to gain, but their legacies are more comparative than Jones/Silva.

Only real winners are us, the fans, and the UFC.
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