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Unfortunately, Jones is right to a certain degree. This probably isn't the right time for the fight for either of them. Now, that doesn't mean that the fans don't want to see it, myself included. It's just a tough call right now for all 3 parties, Silva, Jones, and the UFC.

Silva probably has anywhere from 2-5 fights left at most depending on how they pan out, and that's being generous in my opinion. If he defends his MW title 1-3 more times, that would just be icing on the cake for what has already been a legendary career. I'd love to see a super-fight against Jones, but I can also see why Silva may not wanna do that right now. Maybe a couple more fights in their respective divisions, then take the Jones fight as a farewell fight where it doesn't matter if he wins or loses?

Jones is young, and it's not crazy to think that at some point he will make a transition to heavyweight, especially if he continues to clean house at light heavyweight. For him to fight Silva now and possibly get derailed gives him a lot more to lose than Silva. So I can definitely understand why Jones would want to stay the course for now. Again, Silva isn't exactly young, and for Jones to go out and beat the smaller guy who is 37 years old doesn't present as much upside as it does downside if he were to lose. However, it is Anderson Silva, and nobody has beaten him in 8 years, so it would definitely be a great name to add to his resume.

Personally, I would love to see the Jones fight, but I think the GSP fight makes more sense for Silva. Will either really happen? Who knows, just gotta wait and see.
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