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What makes some people more valuable then others?

peoples contribution to society .. murderers, rapists etc hold very little value to society .. sure we are all "sinners" but some sins are worse than others and those who committ the most heinous sins hold little value and wouldn't be missed it they were to suddenly vanish
What counts as the value of a human life?

what people can bring to society .. like i said above, some people are more valuable than others ...
When can you look back and say, yes, I have lived a life worth living?

at any time you feel you have accomplished enough that if you were to die today, you would feel you left those that depend on you with enough that they would be able to go on without hardship
At what point do you admit defeat and abandon your dreams?

i do not know what defeat is .... kidding ... depends on the person and the dream i guess ..
If you fail, does it make you lesser in some way?

yes, if you just give up
Can all mistakes be forgiven? by who? humans? probably not ...
How can you forgive yourself?
its tough ..
When do you run out of new starts, or succeed in actually ever making one?
like nate said!
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