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Originally Posted by Liddellfan View Post
So what's next for Chael? No way Dana will give him another title shot any time soon. Does he drop to WW or go up to LHW? He can't win the title at LHW from Jones and highly doubt he will be able to get the title from GSP......Gate keeper maybe, I would hate to see that but what do you think he will do???
He can barely make 185! I think he would die if he tried going any lower.
I think he is just gonna stay at 185 and move up the ladder again. I agree what you said about Dana there's no way he will give him a 3rd fight. The Fuc@# is actually saying the rematch sold itself and it wasnt Chael and his promotional prowess that sold the fight.

Maybe Chael will be given the Jon Fitch treatment who had 5 dominant wins over some tough competition yet no Title fight. Although I think he can beat almost everyone at Light Heavyweight Im not sure he would move up.
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