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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
in a post earlier, i said anderson would walk through him in a round and wouldn't have any problems, so i am not trying to discredit him .. i am just saying the rules are not clear ... if kicks and knees are not allowed to a grounded opponent, and a thigh is deemed part of a kick, then should a thigh to the head be allowed?
I get your point, and the answer is obviously no, a thigh to the head of a downed opponent would not be legal. It's still not something that should get the fight overturned, and one could easily argue that taking a point away would have been too stiff of a penalty. It's like the strikes to the back of the head. Obviously they are illegal, but a lot of times they just happen due to circumstance, and how often do we see a fight overturned or called off because of those? Seriously, how much damage could a person do with their thigh? Not to sound crude, but I would gladly let a guy with no legs below the knees thigh me in the face all day long.

Regardless of any of that, the fact is that we all can clearly see the brunt of the strike hitting Chael in the chest. It's also silly that people are saying Silva "intended" to knee Chael in the head. Really? Anderson Silva, one of the most accurate strikers to ever step in a cage/ring intended to knee him in the head but hit his chest instead? Seems unlikely to me.

It's just silly and unfortunate that a few things happened in the fight that has given people fuel to somehow spin this into something it wasn't. Thus far, Chael has seemed to take all of it very well and I think that's awesome, but the fans online that have been thinking Chael would beat Silva for 2 years...not so much...
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