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Default Harvestmen

soooo in England we have Havestmen in rural areas...They look like Spiders, but they arent Spiders, they are like a pinhead on enourmous eight legs, but eat whole food, cant spin webs, and only have two eyes.

Since moving to Jennyfields, which is further out of Harrogate and near to Killinghall Moor, I've seen far more of these things.

Apparently Harvestmen are supposed to be the forerunners to many types of insect looking things not taxonomically classified as they may well be forerunners of Spiders, and also Scorpions...and probably various types of Mites.

There is certainly a direct link between Harvestmen and Harvestmen Spiders which look like Harvestment but have far bigger bodies and can spin webs (albiet messy horrible looking ones) Apart from looking similar...they both do something which is very strange indeed

When threatened Harvestmen, and Harvestmen Spiders will vibrate, they swing their bodies left to right and eventually it speeds up to create a sort of circular motion...When I read that I didnt believe it...soooo when I found a Harvestman Spider...

...I decided to test it out.

Do you have Spiders like that in America??
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