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Forrest Griffin vs. Tito Ortiz

Round 1: They touch gloves and “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy’s” last fight is underway. Griffin takes the center of the cage. He lands two leg kicks. Ortiz answers with a right hand. Griffin is throwing a lot of kicks early. Ortiz misses with a big right hand. Forrect moving laterally. Ortiz moves in and secures a takedown. He delivers a big elbow. Griffin sits up. Ortiz lands a big right hand. Griffin kicks him off and gets back to his feet. Three minutes remain in the round. Ortiz lands a left hand. Griffin works his jab and circles. Griffin is throwing combinations. Griffin continues to work leg kicks. He lands a nice uppercut. Ortiz shoots for a takedown from way away and Griffin stuffs it. Ortiz looks sluggish. Griffin is opening up on him. Griffin throws Ortiz to the side. He lands a solid right hand. Ortiz covers. He misses with an looping right hand. Griffin is out working Ortiz. Griffin lands leg kicks. Ortiz got a takedown at the bell. MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Griffin.

Round 2: Ortiz comes out with a right hand. Griffin lands a combination. Ortiz lands a right hand that knocks Griffin down. Ortiz flurries on him. Griffin clinches and delivers knees to the body. The crowd chants, “Tito, Tito, Tito!” Griffin presses him against the cage and works dirty boxing. They separate. Griffin’s right hand finds its mark. They exchange right hands. Ortiz lands another right hand and Griffin answers with a right of his own. The crowd chants, “Forrest, Forrest, Forrest.” Griffin continues to work leg kicks. Ortiz isn’t checking them. Griffin lands a strong right hand followed by an uppercut. He puts together a double jab. Ortiz is bleeding. They exchange. Ortiz eats a combination. Griffin switches his stance. A minute remains in the round. Griffin looks at the clock. Ortiz goes for a late takedown and Forrest stuffs it and delivers hammer fists until the round ends. MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Griffin.

Round 3: Tito’s corner tells him this is his last five minutes in the Octagon and if he wins the round he’ll win the fight. Griffin opens with an outside leg kick. Griffin continues to throw strikes in volume, to the tune of double Ortiz’ output. Ortiz lands a counter left hook that knocks Griffin down. He secures a takedown. Ortiz works ground and pound. Griffin tries to scramble. Ortiz delivers an elbow. Griffin briefly looks for a kimura. Griffin scoots to the cage and uses it to get to his feet. He spins Ortiz and presses him against the cage. He works punches and knees to the body. 90 seconds remain in Ortiz’ last fight. Griffin lands a solid combination. Ortiz answers with a right hand. Griffin delivers a front kick to the body. Griffin looks at the clock and lands a combination. They slug it out until the bell. The trilogy is in the books. MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Ortiz. Griffin walks out of the Octagon before the scores are read. Dana White is running after him.
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