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Ivan Menjivar vs. Mike Easton

Round 1:
Josh Rosenthal gives us the signal and, as expected, Easton is a frenzy of movement right off the bat. Menjivar tests the waters with kicks both low and high, but neither stops Eastonís forward momentum. Menjivar misses a spinning backfist. Weíve seen him fall in love with that move to his detriment before. Easton seems displeased with Menjivarís strategy of retreat, and doesnít hesitate to tell him so. More kicks and the threat of spinning attacks from Menjivar, but he canít find a way through Eastonís defenses and all this backing away probably doesnít look good for the judges. Easton makes a tentative grab for a takedown in the final ten seconds, but time runs out on him. The fans are not impressed so far.

Round 2:
Easton gets busier to start the second, throwing more kicks, but not necessarily landing them. Menjivar goes back to trying his spinning low leg kick, as if heís trying to bring Eastonís hands down for a spinning backfist later on. The boos from the crowd start up again, and Easton makes a Ďwhatís your problem?í gesture to Menjivar. Menjivar pauses his retreat only long enough to launch a couple kicks, but as soon as he has both feet on the mat again heís back into backpedaling mode. Jumping knee by Easton in the final ten seconds, but itís not enough to get the crowd to stop booing for long.

Round 3:
Itís more of the same in round three. Menjivar kicks and backs away. Easton plods forward and tries to get close enough to land a punch, then looks frustrated when he canít. Thereís the spinning backfist from Menjivar, but Easton clocks it all the way. Spinning kick attempt by Menjivar, and this time Easton drops under it and gets the takedown. He goes to work with short strikes from the top, avoiding an armbar attempt in the process. Longest period of sustained action so far. Easton canít keep Menjivar on his back for long, however, and weíre back to the feet with two minutes left. Easton lands a nice counter left hook in the final minute. Easton tries a jumping kick that lands him flat on his rear. Thereís the horn to end it, and itís followed closely by more boos.

Mike Easton def. Ivan Menjivar via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)
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