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Default UFC 148 *SPOILERS*

Here we go!

Rafaello Oliveira vs. Yoislandy Izquierdo

Round 1:
Mario Yamasaki is the referee for our opening bout. Izquierdo whizzes a left hand past Oliveira's head before shaking off a takedown and pressing forward with a knee. Oliveira trades combinations, then changes levels and drags Izquierdo to the mat. Oliveira postures up and patiently transitions into side control against the fence. Izquierdo is completely stifled here, unable to do anything but fight off transition attempts. Oliveira snatches an arm and nearly secures an Americana, but Izquierdo fights it off and muscles his way back to the feet. Oliveira ducks under a wild swing and shoots in. Izquierdo sees the takedown coming, grabs double underhooks and uses Oliveira's momentum against him. Great takedown defense to end the round.

Round 2:
Oliveira opens with a leg kick and Izquierdo quickly charges forward. Both fighters trading wild combinations. Oliveira slips another left hook and bulldozes Izquierdo to the ground. Oliveira, working from side control, avoids a triangle attempt, and someone is already bleeding. Looks like Oliveira is cut open on his forehead. Oliveira still feverishly hunting for submissions. Yamasaki stops the action to examine Oliveira's cut, but quickly resumes the action in side control. Oliveira looking for a mounted crucifix, unsuccessfully tries for another Americana, and another.

Round 3:
Oliveira grabs Izquierdo and wrestles him back to the mat a minute in, much to the anguish of an already restless crowd. Oliveira passes again to side control, the exact same script as the first two rounds. Blood is caked all over Izquierdo, who manages to squirm back to his feet briefly before being dragged back down. Oliveira, of course, working in side control. He finally gets his mounted crucifix, but quickly loses it after another failed Americana attempt. Izquierdo just can't escape, and the final seconds tick off the clock with both men in the exact position as the previous round.

Rafaello Oliveira def. Yoislandy Izquierdo via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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