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Bear in mind...with the UFC a lot of the pictures you see, or videos you watch dont show the person as they look in real life....The Camera really does lie sometimes...I guarentee if you saw Jon Jones in the street you would walk past him and think absolutely nothing of it. Thats been the most extreme case ive come across in meeting a fighter and thinking..."oh...Not what I remembered from the photographs" I have NO IDEA how they make him look so big on TV nor so tall...He isnt any taller then me...when you meet him you wouldnt imagine him big enough to be welterweight, let alone heavier then that. Now the opposite was true when I met Rich Franklin, he was everso much taller and larger in real life then he's made to look in photographs...and he was seated for much of the time I was talking to him...there is no proper depth perspective in the UFC camera ive come to realize....Now ordinarily that wouldnt matter....

but it can come as a shock if you think your attracted to someone coz you've seen there photograph, and their proportions are different in reality
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