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Originally Posted by Bella79 View Post
Oh please don't say Jens he does nothing on the man scale for me..
For a Start Have you seen pictures of him when he was younger there are many attractive men in the UFC....but I am suprised by the amount who think that either Stephan Bonnar, OR Chael Sonnen are physically attractive

Firstly, for me personally, in terms of the UFC its unlikely that I'm going to find anyone middleweight or above that attractive...for some reason they end up either stupidly muscles or they look to tone standardized. Secondly, in terms of the UFC anyone who looks forties/fifties I will consider too old.

Most of the men I like would be Lightweight or below, between twenty and thirty five, squat, rather then tall beanpoles, they have to have reasonable bodies...but they really have to have nice faces...the sad thing about a lot of MMA fighters is, they might have a nice looking body for obvious reasons considering their occupation...but they dont often have nice looking faces...

People like Reuben Duran, Mackens Semerzier, dominick Cruz, Thiago Alves, Ricardo Lamas, are not bad to look at I suppose...
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