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Originally Posted by wavetar View Post
Hey, I LIKE Sonnen. I just don't think a little shoulder push is anything to get excited about. The average boxing weigh-ins are way more violent than that!

Here's a masterpiece from Chael about his hard life growing up

Chael is hilarious! I do love his sense of humor.

I'm kind of torn this 2nd fight as to who I think will win especially with what came out after the first fight about Chael and the testosterone. I was really rooting for Chael in that one and sooo disappointed when I realized even if he had hung on through that triangle and won, he would have been disqualified when the test results came back. Was it Chael that was winning last time or the testosterone? I feel like Anderson has proven himself time and time again, whereas Chael still has yet to prove to us he can beat Anderson fair and square. I want to believe Chael can do it, but I think Anderson's credentials give him the odds (am I using that correctly? ) to win again. It's time for Chael to put up! I didn't add "or shut up" 'cause I don't think Chael will ever shut up!

Chael looked a little worse for wear at the weigh-ins, whereas Anderson looked fit and ready. I hope Chael prepared properly for this.

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