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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
Ohhhh That was a Bitch move by Anderson no matter how much you hate Chael... Dana better talk some Sh!@ to him for hitting Chael at the weigh ins.
Dana won't say to Anderson. I give credit to Sonnen for getting into Anderson's head, that's what he wanted to do. But, the shoulder hit was relatively minor, and to be honest, if Chael was in my head the same way, I'd likely have done much more than a mild shoulder hit.

I'm excited for this fight...although some say Chael is "tailor made" to beat Anderson...most only said that after the first fight. IF Anderson had a major issue with a rib injury (I know how much they suck) which contributed to his showing, and is 100% healthy for this fight, I don't expect it to make it into the 3rd round. Prove me wrong, Chael!!
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