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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post

There is far to many of those things in that pot

I'm not keen on prawns...I had a bad experience in 1999...My family took me to Les Rocquettes Hotel on the Channel Island of Guernsey...We started with a long car journey to the airport, then we flew on the smallest, most ricketty plane ever, and it was my first time flying...then we arrived I had a large baked potatoe and prawns for lunch, followed by playing in their indoor swimming pool.

After that I didnt feel so good...and spewed in my bedroom...and all the prawns came back up...ive never been able to eat prawns since...its psychological of course...I obviously overdid things, the prawns didnt make me sick but Its the association.

Now I dont mind the giant prawns and the lobsters that you snap the heads off and have to peel...that looks more like the stuff in that pot...but I couldnt eat a lot of it I dont think
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