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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
We went to the fireworks show they put on locally every year; it was really nice. Someone had their truck radio on and they were playing all these great "American" songs while the fireworks were going off.
it sounds really lovely!!

Sometimes its nice to just have a celebration, even if its short and sweet...we live in difficult times and I think its okay to have the odd moment of happiness.

We also had music going in the canteen at work, lots of country and western, and stuff like that...really...the lil lady who organises this did sooo wasnt anything huge...but she had obviously put a lot of effort...I really enjoyed it!

They even had these chocolates called "Kisses" which they claimed were American...I dont know if they really were coz the original packaging had gone. They were really small little chocolate drops...alot like Lindt except maybe a third the size, individually wrapped...

I had two

Its times like this that I think back to my States Trip and sorta wished I was back there....I like Tackobell and Waffle House (they dont have EITHER in England!!!)
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