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I see no evidence that food inflation is falling...Subject specific...the Prime Minister avoids it when he's in the wrong The Banking System needs neither reform, nor a parliamentary enquiry, nor a public enquiry...I'm afraid what it needs is a Criminal Prosecution against the top brass of the major banks. These people have got away with too much for too long...are responsible for the current climate in this country, but protected from it, vastly over paid and under worked.

They need to be taken to a Criminal Crown Court, they need to be charged, they need to be put on trial under Criminal and not Civil Law, and the outcome should be public. They should pay everything back via civil recovery, including the multimillion pound bonus, they should be sacked from their jobs, and they should spend time in prison.

Now they have found the "god partical" I ask the obvious question...what particals make that partical up LOL

I say call a Referendum on Europe...for the simple reason...its not getting any better, and sooner or later something major will have to happen...why not actually let the public decide? particularly as they will back the Government in distancing itself for Europe substantially.

I echo the shock of the person who asked for the Government to promise it would never bail out a bank again. I dont believe in nationalizing banks willynilly...but we all know what would have happened if the US Administration had failed to do it...its a last resort of course...but favourable to complete anarchy surely!

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