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Originally Posted by gnp View Post
Genuine question to Chael fans such as Javi Foxy (i know its bella now but you will always be foxy to me ) etc if Andy comes out and blasts through Chael as he so many others how will you feel/react?

Note while I am not a Chael fan I am not necessarily an Andy fan either, although I do appreciate him as a fighter, so this is not ment to be inflammatory just a genuine question.
If he comes out and blasts he will be prepared for Chael to blast back!!
If Chael doesn't win and is defeated the better fighter won that night. I know Chael has been working so hard towards this fight I will feel if he puts his all into it he will win. As far as I am concerned I would love to see Chael with the belt ... then a rematch with Mr.Bisping..
That's fine I am still Foxy
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