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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
1. What makes some people more valuable then others?

2. What counts as the value of a human life?

3. When can you look back and say, yes, I have lived a life worth living?

4. At what point do you admit defeat and abandon your dreams?

5. If you fail, does it make you lesser in some way?

6. Can all mistakes be forgiven?

7. How can you forgive yourself?

8. When do you run out of new starts, or succeed in actually ever making one?
1. the acceptance of the fact that they aren't more valuable than anyone.

2. only GOD, without Him all life is pointless and has no value.

3. probably best to wait until after your life is over to do that, otherwise you run the risk of becoming prideful.

4. I don't think you can honestly start truly pursuing your dreams unless you do this first. Our dreams should be absolutely impossible for us without GOD's help. Otherwise, we might look back on our lives and think, "Look at all the great things I've done."

5. no, it makes you stronger and wiser. A person who has never known anything but success is weak, because they have never actually challenged themselves.

6. yes, but we need to be sure that we are not candy-coating sins by referring to them as "mistakes."

7. if we refuse to forgive ourselves, when we've already been forgiven by GOD, then we are basically spitting in GOD's face and telling Him that His forgiveness isn't good enough for us.

8. on the day you die.
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