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Darn, is it existential slump day already?

What makes some people more valuable then others?
-I can see myself from here; that makes me more valuable than you.

What counts as the value of a human life?
-It has no monetary value. God gave his own Sonís to redeem ours, so...

When can you look back and say, yes, I have lived a life worth living?
-You should be able to do that every day; if you canít, start NOW!

At what point do you admit defeat and abandon your dreams?

If you fail, does it make you lesser in some way?
-Yes, but not as much as not trying in the first place.

Can all mistakes be forgiven?
-Probably, but donít push your luck.

How can you forgive yourself?
-No, thatís up to God.

When do you run out of new starts, or succeed in actually ever making one?
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