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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
So you guys are still scared of Germany? It's been 67 years...
Well...The Problem with Germany is that its rebuilding was so good that guess which country ended up being the most wealthy in Europe after the war

Because Germany has the deepest pockets she ends up being the one the Europeans turn to when they cant manage their debts...she has a nasty habit, of adding Greece, the newspapers are reporting that they are being actively occupied by Germany right now...why?? Coz The Germans told the Greeks that they couldnt have the money they needed unless they changed their government and voted in one that would agree to THEIR money svaing ideas!!

Imagine your country being in that position...Imagine that China, for example, were to say to the United States..."we will only lend you money support the Syrian Dictator...." what do you think would happen?? Your country wouldnt risk bankruptsy...and if the current administration wouldnt bow, the legislature would move for a General Ellection to vote in someone who you think ANYONE should have that power???

In a sence, there are only Five Institutions which do. The First is the Federal Government of the United States of America. They can alter fifty Soverign States...BUT to a deggree, however inflated they have become, they were designed for Union.

The Second is the European Union. This can dictate the moving, mostly of money around an entire has a monetry Union of Seventeen States and an Economic Union of Twenty Seven does NOT Have a political Union, but relies upon Treaties rather then laws...The problem is...those who control the money CAN change politics in other member states

...Germany even admit they WANT political Union!! WTF...A United States of Europe...UNDER GERMANY??? a Twenty Seven State Strong Federation??? With Germany being the most powerful...that achieves the same thing as Adolf Hitler wanted except without a war!!!

Perhaps you would like your Government to relocate to the Home of the Confederacy? Would it not feel to you, even if the move was just...I dont know...for fun, lets expand the Federal Government, New Congress Building in Virginia...and turn the old one into a Consitutional Museum ...Would you not feel then that the South had won?? Maybe not after so long...But Germany did this twice in less then a century thus far!!

The Third is the Courts of Human Rights/War Crimes Tribunals...well...lets not worry about them to can ignore the former without so much as a tut, and dont need to worry about the latter unless you deserve it.

The fourth is The North Atlantic Treaty Organization....Erm..well the main issue with that is that it will only ever wage war outside of if your in it, it doesnt really matter does it.

The fifth was The United Nations...which, since 2003 has solidified itself as nothing more then the political expression of an opinion poll. Delightfully powerless.

seeing as the US Federation is only interested in land already annexed...the only movement and threat comes from Europe...and Europe is led by Germany...and at least a third of this country probably remembers the last time that happened...
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