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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
yeah, i am sure they are quaking in their boots ...

this will all play out in the election ... 1) the american people are smart .. ")if they don't like it, they will boot barack from the house ... if they like it, they'll keep him ... i could be wrong, but i think this was a big part of his 2008 campaign, if so, you may have another years of him ..
1) No Ellectorate is "smart"

2) Thats irrelivent!!! American DOES NOT RUN ON COMMON LAW!!! Removal of Barack Obama will not remove his laws!! plus...dont you understand what ive just put above...NOONE in the Federal Government will undo a law which brings them A FREE WHOLE POPULATION INCOME...Why?? Because the Federal Government has a Survival wants to stay exactly where it is, doing exactly what it does...It doesnt want to have its bubble burst and be diminished to a Council full of Guvs who meet maybe once a month for the purposes of Cross Country Transport, Defence from abroad, or the World Stage.

....and I dont think the State Governments would know what to do if someone suddenly gave them nigh on full power over their state politics would become irrelevent...its why the early history of America was littered with Independants...remove the Federal Government...and the whole bipartisanship will likely fall'll just have hundreds of free thinking people with personal agendas...OMFG..What a breath of fresh air to politics that would be!!

The beauty of the original idea is mindblowing, even given todays standards.
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