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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
In case you guys get to train with Cowboy, there was a local 2-day seminar with Cowboy, Yves Edwards, and Garcia but I was supporting my wife at her 2 seminars instead and had the opportunity to compete in the Relson Gracie Inter-Association Tournament just 3 miles away from her seminar. Anyways...

My Sensei said Yves Edwards is really cool and humble while Cowboy is a bit cocky but nice. He said those who sparred with Cowboy the first day, didn't come back the second day because he was leg kicking the crap out of everybody.

So, if you're gonna spar Cowboy, be ready for the leg kicks, lol
I hate Yves Edwards.. That ugly fool had the audacity to say I am ugly.. B*please.
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