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Originally Posted by PRShrek View Post
1) A former fighter starting a new career is not really earth shattering news, and neither is a minor celebrity getting into politics. It was covered in a small blurb, as that is how these things are generally reported. How that could be interpreted to mean something negative about the US is something only your therapist understands.

2) VCURamFan posts most of the Fedor news around here, not you, and this thread was posted by Foxy.
1) Its not his "career" that should get the attention...I seem to recall that Jeff Monson got ALOT of attention for his views. Its more to do with what he represents...or might represent...and I actually do think that kinda matters...I know in one way it shouldnt matter at all though

2) Oh the irony...I used to post all the time, less then two years ago I probably posted and started more threads then anyone else period. Now...not so much. I split my time between here and other places, and I dont post as much as I used to, let alone start threads....but you'd have to have been a regular poster more then a year and a half ago to have understood just how diminished I have become around here. Ask around...others will no doubt tell you
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