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Now the issue of the Budgit...In one sence Labour have a good point. The Government made a bad budgit, coz the chancellors a fool, and they keep reversing their decisions....David Cameron is very poor at admitting this

BUT what does piss me off about the Left wing is...that all the U-Terns have been beneficial for the country, and things that Labour have called why they feel the need to call the government stupid for doing so many U-Terns IN THEIR FAVOUR is a cheap shot

Finally, the double dip recession has nothing to do with the austerity cuts as Labour try to insist...the truth of the matter is obvious...the double dip recession is all about the problems of Europe. We arent taking on water due to holes in our hulls, we are taking on water due to waves from the continents bad finances....But Labour cant admit that...because they are Pro-Europe...but if I was Cameron....that would have been my point!
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