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Haha, not quite! Competed in the Relson Gracie Inter-Association tournament this weekend. It was my first BJJ tourney. I lost by ref's decision in OT, but I'm happy though because the guy I grappled got 2nd (the 1st place guy had at least 20 pounds on the rest of us) and I owned the crap out of him in the match, but I made a mistake not playing for points, instead always going for subs. It seems weird that in a sport that's all about submissions, attempts and aggression don't score anything, but that's still my fault, I was trying to make a statement rather than just doing what I needed to do to win.

Good times though so now I'll be better prepared for next time out!

Also, got my gi signed by the man himself after my match and he gave me some solid info and advice. Relson and his son Rhalan are some real class acts!

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