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Originally Posted by Liddellfan View Post
Very offensive and disrespectful IMO.....Nobody here talks trash about or makes disrespectful comments about England, even though it may be warranted.
Its neither...its the truth....not just on this forum, and every mma forum...but also on all the mma literature and journalism...there was almost zero coverage in America of the fact that not only did the Russian President (one of the most powerful people on the planet outside of the US) attend a high profile MMA event...but he also entered the ring after the event, and personally gave Fedor his reward

Neither did they bother to comment on Fedors standing in local ellections.

There is still next to nothing, and I mean NOTHING about that. Its as if the Americans are frankly trying to ignore it...and with very good reasons...because Fedor the politician doesnt stand for the value that Americans deem fit to proclaim...and its fascinating...its as if to wake up and discuss the political facts would mean the end of the hero worship.

Which is, of course, why he would make a most excellent protege. Mr Putin is not may not like him, but he's not an idiot. His appearence alongside Fedor was part of a campaign for the Presidency...which in Russia unfortunately doesnt mean it was a statement to get votes, it means it was a statement of who the President is backing, or vice versa.

Lets not pull quarms here...Fedor didnt join some minority group. He joined the leading party in Russia and accepted an award from Vladimir and went forward for local ellections...looking at his record, MMA has played second fiddle ever since...not that you would garner that from any American media or fan.

Im sorry if you dont like that truth.

...and you can say whatever you wish to about England. I do not see fit to view my country through rose tinted lenses. You would know that if you'd ever heard my views on it...they are probably far more critical then your own.
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