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Originally Posted by PRShrek View Post
Those are excellent points, but I think it can be helpful for people who are not aware of the presence of God in their daily lives to have a place where that presence is brought to their attention. Many people react to that by worshiping the building or the Bible or the pastor or the music, others do everything right on Sunday morning but don't have the strength to take that to work on Monday. But I think if that is as close to Jesus as they ever get, well, we can only do what we can do.
I disagree that a church is "as close to Jesus as they ever get" when it comes to unbelievers.

The Great Commission isn't Jesus telling Christians, "Do everything you can to get sinners inside the church building. I don't care what you have to promise them in order to coerce or lure them in there, just make sure that they sit there for an hour on a Sunday morning and that's it."

The Great Commission is Jesus sending us out into the world to meet sinners were they are at. So when you go to your job, just remember that you are to be a reflection of Christ, thus your workplace is as close to Jesus as some of those people will ever get. The same would be true when we are at school, college, restaurants, baseball games, movie theaters, etc.
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