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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I don't have a problem with church buildings. I simply have a problem with calling a church building the "house of GOD." That's just bad theology because it elevates the building to a level of reverence that it was never intended to have and it limits GOD in the minds of the people who believe that.

I think it leads to the "Sunday morning Christians" who put on a good show while they are inside the church, but give no evidence whatsoever of a Christ-like life outside of the church building.
Those are excellent points, but I think it can be helpful for people who are not aware of the presence of God in their daily lives to have a place where that presence is brought to their attention. Many people react to that by worshiping the building or the Bible or the pastor or the music, others do everything right on Sunday morning but don't have the strength to take that to work on Monday. But I think if that is as close to Jesus as they ever get, well, we can only do what we can do.
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