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Everybody who gave Pac 10 or 11 rounds is being as overly generous to Pacquiao as they claim the judges were for Bradley. Pacquiao tried to steal a lot of rounds in the last minute, and every time he moved the crowd went nuts making it seem like he was doing all sorts of damage, when in fact he wasn't.

Buc and Javi, I am curious which round each of you gave to Bradley. What I find amazing is how many people are screaming that this fight was a blowout, yet the rounds people gave to Bradley were all over the board. It's also a joke that this is getting as much attention as it is just because it's Pacquiao, nobody cared about any of the other close decisions in the last year or two. I'm not saying anybody around here is like this, but a lot of fans are like "Oh no, our poster boy lost a close decision, it must have been fixed"...Awww, Boo-hoo.

It sickening to see "respected" journalists around the sport calling this the biggest robbery in the history of Boxing.

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